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5 Lesser-Known Benefits of CBD Topicals

From muscle pain to anxiety, CBD has made headlines as a new treatment for ailments across the board. Topicals crafted from the hemp plant are promising for those with chronic conditions that include inflammation and pain, such as arthritis. Topicals have been shown to significantly reduce inflammation and swelling in many conditions, but much of the research has not been conducted on humans, if at all. Unlike THC, CBD is not mind-altering and topical treatments are not absorbed into the bloodstream. This means relief without the negative side effects that can impact a full day. While many of the benefits have been reported anecdotally by consumers, the less known benefits of CBD topicals may surprise you.


Heal Burns More Quickly
A burn, even when minor, can majorly impact someone’s well-being. From discomfort to an elevated risk of infection, burns can take a long time to heal. The best topical CBD can decrease the healing time of such an injury while providing some relief during the process. While there has not been a ton of research to scientifically back the claim, there have been several anecdotal reports of consumers experiencing relief with the product.



Psoriasis Relief
Psoriasis, a common inflammatory disease that is best known for itchy plaques of raised skin with thick silvery scales, can be found on the elbows, knees, and scalp. There has been evidence that forms of CBD have been effective in managing the discomfort associated with the disease. Over the years, there have been formal studies on the positive impact of cannabis on the worst symptoms of psoriasis.


Antioxidant Properties
There have been reports that wine and coffee have powerful antioxidants, but time has shown CBD products and other parts of the cannabis plant have the same positive impact on health. Personal reports from consumers have shown a noticeable difference in the skin’s appearance after using the best topical CBD products, which could be explained by the antioxidant properties.


Cannabinoids contain antibacterial properties that help with boils, folliculitis, impetigo, and other skin infections. Unlike other products, CBD products help support the immune system to fight off the infections without the harsh side effects. Pain relief has been reported when utilizing CBD oil products for anti-bacterial properties.


CBD Massage
Coconut oil and shea butter are likely what you would expect in a massage. However, hemp seed oil and CBD topicals could help with sore muscles, pain, and inflammation better than the traditional rub down. CBD activates pathways for CB2 receptors, which helps to relieve bodily tension and leads to enhanced relaxation. The topical treatment can also help the masseuse target temporary pain or occasional discomfort more locally, leading to better pain management results.


While it may not be the main purpose of a massage, the products also work extremely well as a moisturizer. This leaves patrons in a positive mood with better energy after the massage. For this reason, consumers also report success in using CBD products during their yoga and meditation practices. Overall, CBD products are targeting the daily pain of everyday life without the hassle and negative impact of western medication.


Johnny Apple offers a variety of CBD products that aid in depression, pain relief, anxiety relief and more. Visit them online at JohnnyApple.com to see what they offer and get the products you need for relief, today!

The Benefits of Johnny Apple CBD Oil Wholesale

CBD treatments, including oils and waxes, have been popular products lately for many different reasons. Many studies have shown that CBD, the non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant, can treat a wide range of issues. From joint and muscle pain to inflammation, anxiety, and stress, CBD is giving thousands of people around the world hope for effective pain management and treatment. At Johnny Apple, we have several different CBD products, including CBD vaporizers, tinctures, isolates, topicals, waxes, and even CBD oil wholesale. Read more about our products and the benefits of using our products below.


Johnny Apple STEM
Our vaporizer starter kit, called STEM, is unlike anything else currently in the market. The first pod vaporizer created to be used especially for hemp-extracted CBD oil, this kit has everything you could possibly need to start your CBD journey: .5ml STEM pod (choice of Pure, Zen, Bliss or Calm), Johnny Apple STEM vaporizer battery, USB charger, and a user manual. We also carry single hemp pods or three hemp pods that are the perfect products if you’d like to expand and try different pods with your starter kit.



Johnny Apple Isolates
Our Johnny Apple Isolates are the perfect product if you’re looking to reduce pain, stress, insomnia, or anxiety. Including a variety of flavors such as mint, berry, and citrus, these isolates can be added to food and drink, vaped, or applied topically. Each isolate can target specific problems. Bliss Mint targets pain relief, insomnia, and depression; Calm Berry helps with appetite-loss, severe pain relief, and anti-stress and anxiety; Zenergy Citrus works to relieve stress, depression, PTSD, and ADHD.


Johnny Apple Topicals
Our calm balm topical comes in two different options, regular and extra strength, that provide highly effective relief for pain, inflammation, and fibromyalgia. With extra virgin hemp seed, cocoa butter, organic beeswax, and our calm terpene blend scent, this calm balm will become your new favorite product if you suffer from severe inflammatory pain.


Johnny Apple Tinctures
Our Johnny Apple tinctures are perfect for those with anxiety. While most CBD tinctures currently on the market are created with alcohol, our tinctures are created with 100% coconut-derived MCT oil. Our tinctures also come in 500mg or 1,000mg strength options for your convenience.


Not only are our tinctures perfect for treating anxiety in humans, but our tinctures can also be used with larger pets like cats or dogs. Speak to your veterinarian today about using our CBD oils for your animals.


Johnny Apple Wax
Our CBD wax comes in two different options: honey wax and live resin dabber’s wax. Our waxes are made for a better taste and are devoid of any THC, allowing you to find proper therapeutic relief for your pain or mental health.


Have questions about our cultivation process or products? Visit us online at JohnnyApple.com for more information or email us at info@johnnyapple.com. For questions regarding our CBD oil wholesale, please email us at sales@johnnyapple.com. We’re always happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have about our products.

What to Look For in the Best Hemp Oil Extract

When a new product hits the market, or when laws are passed legalizing the product in states where it was once illegal, a firestorm of varieties come from companies out of every country from the United States to Japan and beyond. With such a mass influx of products to the market at the same time, how are you supposed to find the best hemp oil extract?


How to Shop for the Best Hemp Oil
CBD oils, waxes, and other products have gained such popularity because research is showing positive results on health. Unfortunately, as comes with fast rise to fame, scam artists flood stores and shops with subpar products often extracted with dangerous chemicals like pentane, butane, and propane.



To find the best hemp oil, ask the vendor or manufacturer about production and extraction methods.


Why Are You Looking for Hemp Oil?
One of the first problems when hemp oil hit instant popularity was the influx of poor quality waxes, oils, and other mediums created solely to fill shelves and make sales before high quality products were released. When you combine poor quality and information on what a specific type of CBD is supposed to aid with, like pain or anxiety, and the product doesn’t work, the consumer immediately starts to think that CBD, as a whole, doesn’t work. However, with the best hemp oil available on the market, this is not the case.


How Much THC is in the Product?
Did you know that the best hemp oils can contain small amounts of THC? THC is the compound that works on the central nervous system a plethora of symptoms, but in many states, it remains illegal. Luckily, for a product to be called hemp, it must contain less than 0.3% THC. That’s between seven and ten times less than you’d find in standard cannabis oil. At Johnny Apple, our CBD products are 100 percent THC-free – no exceptions.


How Much CBD Should You Use?
When you finally locate the best hemp oil, and you’re ready to make the purchase, take one more second to consider how much CBD you should be consuming daily. Yes, there are recommended amounts based on the symptoms you’re expecting to relieve. For instance, the amount per day for common symptoms is:


Chronic Pain: Up to 20mg
Sleep Issues: Up to 160mg
Epilepsy: Up to 300mg


If you find these limits don’t help with your symptoms, you may be able to increase the amount of 25mg once a month until you reach therapeutic levels.


As you can tell, the dose of CBD varies depending on the condition or symptom being addressed. Overall, therapeutic intake ranges from 10mg to more than 1,200mg daily.


The products we choose for our catalog aren’t poor quality, and we remove all traces of THC. We maintain our high-quality standards across all items including waxes, tinctures, and isolates. We want to teach our customers to difference subpar oils and the best hemp oil extract, and we do that by only offering the best. Check out the catalog at JohnnyApple.com or contact us at info@johnnyapple.com.

What is Hemp Isolate and is it Safe?

Hemp isolate is another term for cannabidiol (CBD) isolate. Isolate refers to the purity of the CBD with CBD isolate measuring 99-percent purity after hemp plant components and terpenes are removed. There is no THC in the isolate so the user won’t experience psychoactive effects or the body high associated with THC. In essence, it is the purest form of CBD.


What’s the Difference Between Hemp Extract and Hemp Isolate?
Hemp extract and isolate aren’t the same. Hemp extract is pulled from the whole hemp plant. The nutritional elements, including vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and phytonutrients, are present along with terpenes and cannabinoids; more than 100 cannabinoids to be exact.



CBD isolate is pure, only containing a single cannabinoid. Imagine taking your favorite dish and breaking it down into smaller parts, repeating the process until all that’s left is the ingredient salt. CBD is the salt of hemp extract, one small element with a long list of possible benefits.


Hemp Extract Versus Isolate: THC Content
Whole hemp extract does contain a small amount of THC. However, to be classified as hemp and not cannabis, the THC levels must be below 0.3 percent. The user feels no effects of the minute amount of THC, and it will not cause a positive drug test, in most cases.


CBD isolate doesn’t contain THC because the process used to extract the single cannabinoid removes 100-percent of all other elements. The idea is to create the purest form for people who want to get the most out of the possible health benefits of CBD.


What is the Entourage Effect?
There is some debate as to whether whole plant hemp extract is more effective than CBD isolate. Whole plant hemp extract has a complex chemical structure. Along with CBD, there are many other cannabinoids some believe work together to improve absorption. There’s also the thought that the other 100 plus cannabinoids deliver health benefits like CBD, so the sum of the parts is more effective than the purest form of CBD. This is referred to as the Entourage Effect.


If Hemp Extract is Effective, Why is CBD Isolate Important?
There are so many complex elements in whole plant hemp extract; CBD isolate is the go-to extract for manufacturers and users who want purity. When 99-percent purity is standard, it leaves little to the imagination. The user doesn’t have to worry about consuming something they aren’t looking to consume. Plus, CBD isolate is 100-percent THC-free, something that offers peace of mind to users working for companies that randomly drug test.


At Johnny Apple, the hemp isolate we sell is 100 percent THC free. We’re all about providing the highest quality product and the best possible health benefits, so we also consider the Entourage Effect in our creation of blends. Our blends combine CBD isolate with other terpenes found in hemp extract to maximize results. We’re genuinely excited to hear from our customers about both experiences and questions. Send us an email at info@johnnyapple.com, and we’ll work with you to find the best isolate for your needs.

Use Johnny Apple to Order CBD Isolate for Cheap (and By Cheap, We Mean Affordable!)

Johnny Apple is a top CBD distributor for all of your CBD needs. We have a huge selection of all different types of products that are known to be an aid and provide relief for a variety of symptoms. Our CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a derivative of hemp. Unlike many CBD products, our CBD oil contains 0% THC while also providing all of the calming and medicinal benefits. This is the psychoactive drug that makes you feel high. Our hemp plants are certified non-GMO and allow us to produce 99.9% pharmaceutical grade CBD oil. One of the products we sell to help with pain and anxiety is our hemp CBD isolate for cheap. When we say cheap, we don’t mean cheap quality, we mean affordable. All of our CBD products are made with the finest ingredients and the utmost quality so that we can provide the best CBD products for our customers. All of our CBD products are farmed at a medical grade level and tested for utmost purity. It is important to note, however, that while our Johnny Apple CBD products are used for aiding with symptoms, they are not qualified as a cure.



At Johnny Apple, we have a variety of different CBD isolates for cheap available in a variety of different flavors. Each of these isolates offers a variety of different benefits that help with insomnia, stress, pain relief, PTSD, anxiety and more. Choose from a $35 or $60 bottle based on your needs and enjoy as a topical, add it to a drink, infuse it in your cooking, or vape or dab according to your preferences.


Our Bliss - Hybrid CBD isolate has a minty, sweet and earthy aroma and aids in pain relief, insomnia, and depression. Our Calm - Soothing isolate has a piney, sweet and berry flavor profile and aids in appetite loss, stress, severe pain relief, and anti-anxiety. Zenergy - Uplifting features citrus and earthy tones and aid in stress, depression, PTSD, and ADHD. Both our Pure and Raw CBD isolates contain 99% pure CBD hemp extract, have a black cherry and anise flavor profile, and both aid in anti-anxiety, pain relief, inflammation, and spasms. The Pure CBD isolate comes in a powder form and is best suited for eating and baking, while our Raw isolate comes in a larger crystal shard that is better for vaping and dabbing. Each of our Johnny Apple isolates is available in either a half-gram or full gram container.


In addition to our CBD isolates, we also carry vape cartridges, stem vaporizers, CBD tinctures, topicals, and wax. So head on over to our website and order your Johnny Apple CBD products today to start feeling better and more comfortable. For more information about Johnny Apple CBD products, visit our website at JohnnyApple.com or reach out to us via email at info@johnnyapple.com. For information about buying Johnny Apple wholesale products, email us at sales@johnnyapple.com. We are always here and more than happy to help!

6 Common Questions about Using CBD Tincture for Pain

There is no doubt that CBD products, including CBD tincture for pain, are popular. While they haven't yet hit the shelves of all convenience stores, new shops are popping up in rural towns and big cities at incredible speeds. It takes nothing but a bit of start-up money to open a shop, but it takes years in the business and extensive knowledge about CBD to offer a product as pure as those from Johnny Apple. We know the quality we provide, but we also know you’ll have questions before you buy.


1. Is pain relief from CBD proven or just an empty claim?

• The popularity of CBD products has skyrocketed over the last two years. The demand has grown fast enough that science hasn't been able to keep up, so many of the claimed benefits are likely to be anecdotal or based on personal experience. What science has said is that animal studies and small, short-term human studies do suggest that, based upon a review of compiled research, CBD may help to reduce inflammation and pain.



2. Will CBD make me sleepy?

• Research into the effects of CBD on sleep has only been completed on animal subjects. However, these studies do show a possible connection between CBD and reduced symptoms of insomnia.


3. Do I need to tell my doctor if I am using CBD?

• Yes, you do need to speak with your doctor about taking or using a CBD, especially if you are under the doctor’s care via therapy or prescription medication. CBD is treated as a supplement, and the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements. There is no definitive list of possible drug interactions.


4. Is CBD legal in my state?

• Johnny Apple ships CBD products to all 50 states. This is possible because their CBD products contain 0% THC. Because CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it can contain traces of THC. However, Johnny Apple CBD contains 0% THC, thus allowing them to ship to all 50 states.


5. What are the ingredients in CBD tincture for pain?

• Aside from containing 0% THC, Johnny Apple CBD tinctures only contain coconut-derived MCT oil as a base, while other companies use an alcohol base instead of this 100% premium oil.


6. Will CBD trigger a false positive drug test for THC?

• Yes, because CBD contains very low trace amounts of CBD, it may trigger a false positive drug test. However, all of the CBD products available at Johnny Apple are sourced and made to contain 0% THC to offer our customers the best CBD products in the industry.


Johnny Apple offers a long list of CBD products, including waxes, oils, and CBD tinctures for pain. All products are 100% THC-free, ultra-pure, and derived from organic, non-GMO hemp. Give yourself some time to take a look around our website at JohnnyApple.com to get a feeling for the passion we have for sharing quality products with our customers. If you have any questions or need a little help making a final decision, feel free to email us at info@johnnyapple.com.

Use CBD Tincture Oil Products for Anxiety and Stress

Johnny Apple CBD is known for creating pure CBD tincture oil products made 100% completely from premium coconut-derived MCT oil. CBD tincture oil products are designed to help those with anxiety and can even be administered to cats and dogs, after checking with your vet, of course. CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol and is derived from 40% of the hemp plant. While some CBD may contain slight traces of THC, Johnny Apple CBD contains 0% THC. THC is known as the psychoactive drug, which causes the user to feel “high.” CBD, however, does not produce this feeling at all and is not considered dangerous even though both are derived from a plant. In fact, many of our customer testimonies state that our CBD oil has helped with these symptoms such as acne, ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, Crohn's disease, depression, eczema, fibromyalgia, general inflammation, Insomnia, Physical soreness/pain and more. It is important to remember, however, that CBD is not an official cure for any ailment, and is designed to aide in subsiding any symptoms of illnesses or make them more bearable.



At Johnny Apple, our oils come in one oz. dropper bottles and are sold in either 500 MG or 1000 MG bottles. Hearing CBD oil may cause some confusion, but, at Johnny Apple, our oils contain 0% THC, which make them the purest. These oils are also known to help alleviate joint and muscle pain as well as help control anxiety. Our CBD extraction process is one of the greenest techniques in the CBD market, followed by the refinement process, which produces concentrations up to 99.9% pharmaceutical grade CBD. Safe, effective, and made from non-GMO organic hemp plants, we provide some of the top extractions in the CBD business to provide you (and your pets) with the purest CBD oil.


Our Hemp Extract Tincture is alcohol-free and 100% MCT oil. Our 1 oz. bottle comes with a dropper so the oil can be administered sublingually. This oil is highly effective for anti-anxiety and mostly intended for those who need a little stress relief, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t. This same oil is safe for cats and dogs, as well, and we suggest using only half a drop. Just be sure to speak with your veterinarian before administering.


Our CBD tincture oil products come in two different strengths: 500 MG and extra strength 1000 MG: Both come in 1 oz. tincture bottles with dropper. We recommend starting with 10 MG of Hemp Extract per dose of 500 MG oil and 20 MG of Hemp Extract for the Extra Strength 1000 MG oil. Our 3-pack comes with 3 separate 1oz. dropper bottles. We also suggest the user take only 5-20 MG per dose or 10-200 mg per day of this product.


We proudly ship to anywhere in the world, unless certain restrictions apply to that area. Your shipping fee will apply after you place your order details, and we will work to have your product on its way as soon as possible. For more information about the different CBD oil extracts we have, visit our website at JohnnyApple.com.

Johnny Apple with CBD Products for Pain

Many people turn to doctors and prescribed medication when it comes to chronic pain. While this is a great way to manage any type of pain, there are also many natural remedies that exist which can help aid the symptoms of any type of chronic disease. Hemp oils and CBD oils are known to help people who suffer from pain and can provide a short-term relief. There are many misconceptions about what CBD oil is and how it can be used. Johnny Apple produces a pure form of CBD oil that comes from the hemp plant which is 40% CBD. CBD is a naturally occurring cannabis oil that contains minimal traces of THC, which is the psychoactive drug that gives you that high feeling. At Johnny Apple, however, we are proud to say that our CBD oil contains 0% THC, instead utilizing premium MCT oil. Johnny Apple sells many different products, all of which are great CBD products for pain. We take pride in selling pure and natural oils that can be used for pain, healing, and even for your pets.



The great thing about Johnny Apple is that we provide our oils in many different forms so that you can find one that works best for you. Some of our most popular CBD products for pain are the topical CBD oil balms. This oil, known as ‘Calm Balm’ comes in 500MG or extra strength 1000MG of hemp extract. The balm is made with a mixture of extra virgin hemp seed oil, cocoa butter, organic beeswax, and scented with our ‘Calm’ terpene blend. This balm can be used for any type of localized topical relief and for medicinal purposes for anti-inflammatory issues that come from arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendon soreness, and physical pain in certain areas.


Tinctures are also a great way to incorporate CBD products for pain into your life. Our tinctures are available in 1-ounce glass bottles with droppers and come in either 500MG or 1000MG of hemp oil. These droppers are usually recommended for helping with anxiety and are taken through a sublingual dose. Our CBD Oil tinctures are some of the purest on the market, made with 100% premium coconut derived MCT oil.


The hemp extract vape cartridges are best for e-cigarettes and have many different benefits including anti-inflammatory purposes, anti-anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, depression and more. The reduced inflammation and pain management aspects are great for anyone suffering from pain. This oil contains 0% THC and hits very smoothly to give you a calm and cool vaping experience. Choose from three flavors: Zenergy Yellow, Bliss Green, and Calm Purple or order a 3 pack variety box to get a taste of each.


Johnny Apple is able to ship any of our products anywhere in the world as long as there isn’t a restriction on your area and we will work to have your product on its way as soon as your order is processed. For more information about Johnny Apple and our CBD products, or for more information about the health benefits of our CBD oil, visit our website at JohnnyApple.com or contact us, today, at info@johnnyapple.com.